They tried to explain to me the world without being discouraged but they couldn't. Now I'm just a student of architecture, passionate, lovely, very freak. Literature, philosophy, films and alternative rock-indie lover. I just want to travel, see the world and be a relevant and famous architect. I'm from Spain so sorry for my fucking English.

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Nicholas McLeod.

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La chinoise, Jean-Luc Godard, 1967

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Curve descent pattern by Oleg Soroko

This series of prints I made during my experimentation with code. I used “Gradient descent” and “Marching Cubes” algorithms. First, I created a mesh in rhino with a script. Then render the model in 3ds max. Then a bit of color correction in Photoshop. In massive series i combine lines and isosurfaces. In minimal series i decided to show only isosurfaces.
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Candace Charlton(South African, b.1968)
Morning lake   2010

Piet Blom. Cultural Centre “t Speelhuis” in Helmond, Netherlands, 1976-77
1. Entrance | 2. Foyer | 3. Restaurant | 4. Assembly Room | 5. Hall | 6. Chamber music | 7. Ballet | 8. Club rooms

Robert Mapplethorpe - Flower, 1983


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