They tried to explain to me the world without being discouraged but they couldn't. Now I'm just a student of architecture, passionate, lovely, very freak. Literature, philosophy, films and alternative rock-indie lover. I just want to travel, see the world and be a relevant and famous architect. I'm from Spain so sorry for my fucking English.

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likeafieldmouse :

Michael Biberstein  - Paisaje con la predela Nos. 2 y 1 (1988)

(vía kisedbyfire)

arca-in :

Luis Barragán. Fuente de los Amantes. méxico. 1964

inesnietodiaz :

Centro cultural de Daoiz y Velarde, de Madrid. Rafael de la Hoz

nevver :

Parece que va a llover, Jeremy Mann


transforms the interiors of humble paper bags and cardboard boxes— evoking contemporary architectural spaces through a shift in point of view before printing them at a monumental scale.

(thanks to likeafieldmouse for turning me on to this artist)

(vía inesnietodiaz)